Submission & Registration Guidelines

Papers in the relevant themes are invited from research scholars, Engineers, Faculty and students from PG and UG programs (maximum 4 members in a team). Authors can submit softcopy of full length paper along with abstract (not exceeding 130 words) to Papers submitted to this conference should be the work of the author who submits the paper and it must not be published or submitted for review elsewhere while under consideration.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by double blind peer review process to maintain high quality publications. Please follow the guidelines mentioned while preparing your manuscript.

  • Papers to be written in English Language only
  • Paper format should be as per AIP guidelines. Refer
  • Number of papers should not exceed 6 pages. It should be submitted in PDF Format and should not be password protected
  • Similarity index should be less than 25%

Submission Deadlines:

Paper Submission Deadline 30.08.2021
Intimation of Paper Acceptance/Rejection/ Conditional Acceptance 15.09.2021
Camera Ready Paper Submission and Registration Deadline 30.09.2021
Conference Dates 14.12.2021 to 15.12.2021

Registration Charges:

Delegates/ Research Scholars/Faculty 3500 INR
Students (PG) 3000 INR
Students (UG) 2000 INR
Non-Author Participant 1500 INR
(Additional Charges applicable for AIP Publication)

Prepare your article using our AIP Conference Proceedings 8.5 x 11 inch single column template. Include one-page papers — they are not allowed.
Use Times New Roman font. The point size will vary by section. Add page numbers or headers/footers.
Make sure that all author affiliation associations are correct. This means author vs. affiliation and author vs. email address. If there is only one affiliation for all authors, association is not needed Use copyrighted material without permission. If you have included previously published figures in your article, you must provide written approval from the copyright holder to re-use the figure. Also, include the appropriate credit line associated with the figure in the caption
Make sure that figures, images, and tables appear within the text and do not follow the Reference section. Alter the margins of our templates.
Embed all fonts into your article PDF.  
Make sure that all images and tables fall within the margins of the template.  
Check all figures and images carefully to ensure that they are complete and that no parts are missing or cut off.  
Use clear, legible graphics and diagrams. The font, formulas, tables, and figures should be clear and easy to read.  
Number all tables, figures, and formulas sequentially.  
Place all captions or other information associated with a table, image, or figure on the same page as that table, image, or figure.